VP, Marketing

“I have known Ken for a number of years and worked with him both as a colleague and a client. Ken's ability to take on and solve problems both small and large and his ability to quickly ramp up on a new technologies, practices and methodologies made him a key member of his project teams.  Ken's ability to communicate with his clients, co-workers and team members provides the often needed translator of client needs into working solutions. I recommend Ken highly as both as a practitioner and a leader.”


“Many, many thanks for your numerous and invaluable contributions to your colleagues at ... over your years with us.  You've gone way over and above more times than anyone can count, and it's enormously appreciated by everyone.  Many thanks also for helping get our ... practice started properly.  Your help in that area is something I appreciate myself as much or more than anyone.
On behalf of everyone at ..., we wish you the very best of good fortune moving forward.  We live in a small community and the chances are high that we'll work together again.  I know I and your ... colleagues look forward to it.”

Senior DBA

"We have implemented the first round of performance enhancements and although we don't have any metrics, I'm convinced that the improvements have been dramatic.  … The first release was implemented in mid-December and included the improvements to the interface, Inquiry screens, truncated where clauses, additional indexes that you identified, and other things.  … I think the time and effort for this was well spent."

Senior Investment Analyst

“I would like to note that everybody in ... who has worked with you has commented on the incredible speed with which you have learned our business and figured out what we do!
Thank-you for all the excellent work you did on the ... project, especially the ... data model.”

Regional Manager

“I just wanted to pass along our thanks for your great presentation yesterday.  As usual, you did a wonderful job and everyone was really pleased with how the system is coming along.  Your enthusiasm for the project is contagious and everyone left feeling really good about the future of ....” 


“I have been associated with Ken for a number of years through the Victoria Oracle Users Group and have worked with him for about 3 years. Ken possesses a strong desire to learn and to share that knowledge with others. He has proven his ability to solve problems, mentor others, lead large teams, communicate effectively and learn new technologies. I have found Ken to be an honest and easy going person with both co-workers and clients. I would highly recommend Ken as a developer and as a team lead.”

Policy Analyst

“I just wanted to say thanks for the great walk through...It is more than a little exciting watching this program come to life.  And your patience and ability to describe/apply things are much appreciated”

“I wish you well Ken and I do hope our pathways cross again...it has been such a pleasure to work with you.”


“Since joining us in ... Ken has held various positions including Team Lead, Resource Manager and Service Line Lead.  It is been a pleasure having Ken as part of the ... team, and we wish him all the best as he returns to his life as an independent developer.  There is almost no question we will be working together in some capacity over the coming years.  Good luck Ken—and thanks for everything!!”

Project Manager

“We got it in… there were bumps and there are a couple of last minute bugs and changes, but ... are actually setting up their own users and submitting data!  And all within about 10 months of initial conception!  Couldn't have done it without you.  Thanks for ALL your contributions.”