Lab Overview

There are two 2-hour labs scheduled each week. After week one it is expected that you have done some preparation BEFORE attending the Lab.

Each week there will be a Lab assignment.  Most weeks there will also be one or more "Lab Exams" using the MY IT Lab interface.

  1. You will be expected to prepare for each lab on your own time. This may be done in any GP Lab on Campus or at home if you have the correct hardware and software set up.
  2. You do have to attend the scheduled lab period to complete assignments and Lab exams! However, you are not required to stay for the entire 2 hours if your assignments and Lab exams are complete.
  3. If you are not sure what preparation needs to be completed before attending the weekly lab - ASK the instructor!

Starting in week 2 you will need to have a logon account for "MyIT Lab" in order to prepare for and complete Lab exams. The account set up will require a one-time Key that you will purchase at the Camosun Bookstore as a part of your Comp 156 materials. Students who already have a "MyIT Lab" account do not need to re-purchase an account.  The code of the course that you need to join is CRSABL1-49909.

The bookstore package includes both the textbook and a My It Lab booklet required to complete labs.

  • If student purchases a used text or purchases the text at UVIC the booklet alone is $45 - $50!
  • Students repeating C156 with a My IT Lab account can keep using their old account.
  • The interface is certified only with Win XP, Win Vista and the MS- IE7 browser. IE8 appears to work, especially if its "compatibility view" functionality is turned on
  • Any problems with home installation should be referred to Pearson Help
  • In GP Labs Log on is at start>programs>computing>My IT Lab

The following links give instructions for the first two labs which will not use myITLab.