COMP 156 - HTML Lab


Comp 156 HTML Lab #1 Preparation.

Before attending the next Lab you are expected to complete the HTML basic tutorial as well as the advanced topic on using tables.

The tutorial may be found at

Helpful Links for this assignment

You might find the following three links helpful as you play with html this week.

During the 2 hour lab period you will be using a text editor (notepad or notepad++) to create 2 web pages an index page and a personal page.

  • You will understand the difference between the head section and the body section of an html file.
  • You will be expected to know how to use basic HTML tags to display and format text and headings.
  • You will create hyperlinks between your pages and to other URL's.
  • You will create a table and add attributes  (e.g. border, width, hieght, cellspacing, cellpadding) to your table tag.
  • You will insert at least one personal photo and use image attributes to control the size and location of your image.
  • You will use the bodycolor (bgcolor) attribute to control background colors.
  • You will upload your completed web site to a Camosun web server and allow it to be viewed by anyone with an Internet connection and browser.
  • You will send me an email with the correct URL of your website.